Introducing: Catticus!

I’ve got some news! If you follow me on social media, you might already be aware, but there’s recently been a new addition to my family. While I’ve been writing for years, I’ve been writing since late 2015 without a cat! Since I already don’t drink tea, coffee, beer, or even much wine, could I even call myself a writer without a cat of my own? Sure, but it sounds a lot less convincing.

Really, it’s been a travesty.

I grew up having an indoor/outdoor cat and a pair of puppies. I had roommates with cats after college, my ex-husband and I adopted a black kitty named Corvin when we got a place of our own. But, he was definitely a daddy’s kitty, so he ended up with the ex when we separated.

After I moved out, I was in a rental for a while, and then it took a bit for me to get settled at my own place. Sure, I have moderate cat allergies making me hesitant.

But, anywhere I’ve ever lived for more than a brief period, I’ve had pets. I’ve missed having my own pet — there’s only so much ‘having a pet’ feeling you can get from visiting your friend and family. Plus? If you’ve seen me talk about writing and social media, I’ve joked-but-not-really that not having a pet was literally detrimental to my social media platform.

When so many of my friends and family recently ended up with new kittens, the urge finally became something I couldn’t resist.

Please welcome my newest intern/writing supervisor: Atticus!

Also known as: Catticus, Atticus Finch, Mr. Finch, Catticus Maximus. My sweetie. What a good kitty boy. And I’m sure many names to come.

He’s a 6-8 month old short furred domestic kitty, who was picked up as a stray about a month ago, and was waiting for me at the county animal shelter. He’s about 7 pounds.

The shelter had a good mix of available cats (and dogs).

The first teen kitty I saw was a tuxedo girl, with a black heart on her nose! She was sweet, but skinny and skittish. My mother has a pair of cats that no visitor ever sees and I didn’t want that.

I had planned on an older kitty, but worried the 10 year olds they had were pushing it a little, for bonding purposes. And then one of the older kitties, who’d been looking all friendly, took my tentative offer for her to sniff my hand as a case for biting me. Maybe she’s angry her forever family dumped her there, maybe that’s why they got rid of her. But, with my allergies, that meant a swollen and itchy hand until I made it to the soap and water. She needs someone a little more patient, with less allergies when she lashes out, but I’m sure will make someone else a good friend.

The shelter had tons of kittens, because it is kitten season, but it’s not healthy for a cat under 6 months to be solo, and with my allergies, two kitties is just a bit much.

I have to admit, I’d eyed Atticus on PetFinder the night before – with his adorably cute looks as a grey tabby and white coloration, gorgeous hazel eyes, and the softest pink nose and toe beans looking even better in person. Catticus was welcoming when I introduced himself, headbutted my hand for pettings — so affectionate, played with the shelter provided rainbow ribbon with me for a minute or two, then attacked the ribbon that was still hanging on the wall — so relatively independent and could self-entertain. All around, a good mix.

They wouldn’t let me take him home until he was fixed, so I picked him up at the vet’s office, drugged out of his mind on Monday after work, and brought him to his new home. He seems to be adjusting to the house-kitty life quickly. Now, for my allergies to settle down a bit.

I plan to spoil him rotten and give him a forever home.

Do you have any pets? When did you get them? Can you share pics?


  1. He’s so adorable 🙂
    I have a fluffy half ragdoll called Merlin, who wants attention most when I’m writing and loves to sit on windowsills. Cats are the best writing companions and distractions!

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