Writing Short and Sweet – Poetry

I don’t often share my work on here, just what I’ve picked up about the process along the way, but I just figured out that today was National Poetry Writing Day 2018 and decided maybe I should switch it up.

For those of you who don’t follow me on other social media, I’ve been participating in #OctPoWriMo – October Poetry Writing Month. (Mostly out of jealousy that my lackluster drawing skills aren’t really something I want to showcase for the artists’ #Inktober.) I’m more of a novelist, but, like most writers, I’ve dabbled in poetry. Plus? I always want to keep stretching myself–honing my skills and learning new tricks. Thus, when I heard about the OctPoWriMo challenge, I figured I’d give it a try.

Confession: I’ve been ignoring the themes, but, in the spirit of Inktober–even if I’m an artist of words, not shapes, I’ve been hand-inking my creations.

Here are my first 4 poems:

For day 1, I kicked off OctPoWriMo with a poem inspired by the season. How nature vs nurture has given us opposing instincts…



For Day 2, I decided to try to be clever — and then spelled it out (because it’s funnier when you explain it).


For day 3, I shared a taste of hope.


And for today? As #OctPoWriMo continues into day 4, I might be ignoring the themes, but I’ve decided to branch away from exclusively free form and try some more constrained poems.

Today’s haiku:



Is anyone else participating? Are you a poet (or a dabbler)? Share your work below! Or share a link.