Taming The Squirrel

It is the lack of focus and/or obstacles that derail one from writing. It is the struggle to stay motivated in the face of adversity. And sometimes? It’s a manifestation of writer’s block.

Here are potential problems, and things to try to fix the problem.

How do you keep your focus on your writing?

Yes, That IS a ‘Real Word’

Language exists for one reason — to convey a thought or concept.

So what makes a word real? To me? If you’ve successfully conveyed your thought, you’ve used real words.

Why That Writing Advice is Both Right… and WRONG: Part One

We hear TONS of writing advice, but the only true writing advice is “do what works for you.” But, that doesn’t mean some of that advice doesn’t have its place — if you use it the right way.

In part 1 of this to-be-randomly-appearing series, I talk about the top 3 writing advice bits I hear:

  • – Write what you know
  • – Write every day
  • – Show, don’t tell.

They all have their place… if you don’t take them to the extremes.