Black Lives Matter

I’ve been outraged. I’ve been saddened. I’ve talked to my friends, my family. I’ve shouted at them. But publically? I’ve been silent.

What could I say? Shouldn’t I be listening to those who were suffering? If I spoke out, would I be speaking over those whose voices we need to hear?

My blog is about writing, not politics. I told myself this wasn’t the space. It wasn’t my fight, I should stay out of the firing range.

While people were being murdered? I was silent.

Writing Diversity

Writing Diversity

Diversity is a big topic in writing today.

There are so many ways to do it wrong and no one consensus on how to do it right.

Here are thoughts, from two #Balticon panels, on common mistakes and things to try to get it right.

Biggest take-away: remember, characters should be 3 dimensional, not 2-D.