Life Happens

They say consistency is key. That you need to set a schedule and keep to it if you’re ever going to reach your goals.


Remember how I’m always talking about being kind to yourself? Understanding and respecting your own limits? Plus. Beating yourself up for failing to meet every goal perfectly is a great way to destroy your emotional health.

I almost posted something about picking point of view characters and carried on like a normal week. But? It’s not.

Since Friday, my dad got his first book deal, had a birthday, and failed a stress test. His outpatient procedure on Tuesday turned into a “you’re staying here and having a triple bypass on Thursday morning.” Other than the obvious, he’s in great shape, good spirits, and has a 99% chance of a perfect outcome.

This clearly was not on the schedule for this week.

On the other hand, my twin sister’s second daughter is due Friday and, along with her husband, I’m her support person. I’ve been quarantining since two weeks before the due date.

So. That’s where I’m at. I’m acknowledging my coping limits and probably gonna go hide my head in a book — in between watching my phone for notifications.

When life happens, sometimes, all you can do is acknowledge it and ride it out.

Have you had life interrupt your plans? Feel free to share your experiences for better or worse.