Which Are Better Writers? Introverts versus Extroverts

The stereotype of the writer is often a loner (maybe a drinker — tea, coffee, or alcohol dictated by genre), who spends all their time on their manuscripts and shuns human interaction.

But that’s not the only option.

Which do you think makes for the better writer? The extrovert or the introvert?

How To Save a Fizzled First Draft

Last year, I ‘won’ NaNoWriMo, but my story had veered off course. I tried to push through to an ending, but by the end of March, it was so far off from where I wanted it to be, I knew I was fighting a losing battle.

Now, not all stories that go off course are wrong. Sometimes the story takes the lead and brings you to better things than you ever expected.

But, for me? This wasn’t the story I wanted to tell.

So, I set it aside, polished some rough drafted short stories, beta-read for some friends, and read a lot of books. I gave my story breathing room to percolate in my head and I waited til now to pull this technique out of my toolbox.

Writing / Illustrating Comics!

The panel promised, “learn the ins and outs of what goes into creating a great comic book!”

While I’m not an artist, and have never been drawn to creating graphic novels, I’m a huge fan of web comics and fan of comics. So, I had to hit this panel.
Here are the tips they shared.