Short Fiction Expanded – A DisConIII Panel

This #DisconIII panel discussed:

Got a short story that you want to turn into a novel (or a novel that you want to pull shorts out of?) Here are a few things to consider.

– The difference between writing shorts versus Novels
– 5 approaches for turning shorts into a novel
– What changes are acceptable when you novelize a short?
– Authors who have done it
– Best for pantsers or plotters?
– Respectful ways to sell that short story

What Type Of Writing Prepper Are You?

When you hear the word “prepper”, you might picture stockpiles of food, water, and other supplies in a bunker. But, all it really means is someone who prepares!

For writers, there are three main levels of prepping, each with its own variants.

The Planner, the Pantser, and the Plantser. Which are you?