Introducing: The Facebook for Fictional Characters!

Ever wanted a Fb… but for your own characters?

Have you ever played with the canon of Harry Potter, Paul Atreides, or Elizabeth Bennett?

Ch@ractrRealms is here!

Create new chars, add canon to literary favs, and up (or downvote) others’ additions to the canon.

New projects, new characters? No problem!

We know it’s Camp NaNo season and people are ready to share all their new characters.

All characters are welcome*.

And remember, Ch@ractrRealms is brought to you by the letters:
C‘ and ‘R

The number ‘1
And the Month of ‘April!’

P.S. Yeah, yeah, I know I’ve shared this before. But then I renewed the domain name last month. Let me know if this joke gets old. Or if someone creates this for reals.