Morgan doesn’t just stay at home writing. You can find her out and about talking about writing, blogging, vlogging, voice acting, and more!

Upcoming Events

DisCon3/WorldCon – Dec 15-19 2021 – Washington D.C.

Adding Fannish Skills to Your Resumé – Thurs 1:00pm (Palladian Ballroom 602) – Wrangling volunteers, publishing fanzines, beta reading, negotiating hotel contracts… Plenty of fannish skills can be converted to real-world professions. How can you translate fannish experiences into a career? (I’ll be moderating)

RavenCon 15 – Apr 24-26 2020 2021 2022– Williamsburg Richmond, VA

(Schedule is tentative and subject to change.)

The Writer and the Beta Reader
Social Media Best Practices for Writers
Social Media, or, Why I Haven’t Finished My Novel

Past Events

Imaginarium Convention – July 9-11th – Louisville, KY & Virtual

Social Media PlatformsFri 3:45pm (in Person) Talk with industry professionals who use multimedia platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, Snap hat, etc. to promote their work

Character CreationSat 11:15am (virtual) – Learn how to create compelling characters for your story.

Zoom EtiquetteSun 11:15am (virtual) – A discussion on proper virtual meeting etiquette across many of the available platforms offered today.

Balticon 55 – May 28-31 – Baltimore, MD (Virtual)

Techniques for Plotting Your Novel – I moderated With Karen Osborne, L. Penelope, Sarah Beth Durst, Joshua Palmatier.

Balticon 55: A Virtual Tour (Fri/Sat) – Co-hosted with Nora.

Anansi Storytime: Mad Libs – Morgan Hazelwood, Scooter Mann, Max Baskin, LJ Donnell

Plotting Character GrowthJoshua Bilmes (moderator), John Walker, Nick Martell, and Sarah Beth Durst.

Imaginarium Convention – Sept 21-27th 2020 – Louisville, KY (Virtual)

Submissions – Mon 8pm – How to submit to a press, writing the perfect cover letter, pitches, and much much more.

NaNoWriMo – Fri 3pm Discussing what NaNoWriMo is and why you should try it.

All Bloggers are Welcome – Sat 11am Discussing trends, topics, and tips to start your own blog. Plus reasons why you should.

Essence Of Wonder – with Gadi Evron – Sept 5th 2020 (Virtual)

SF&F Marketing Masters: Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Self-Publishing With Gadi Evron(co-moderator), Dave Farland, Ed Elbert, Craig Miller, and Brian Meeks.

WorldCon – Jul 29-Aug 2 2020 – Wellington, New Zealand (Virtual)

What To Expect When You’re Ready To QueryWith L.D. Lewis, Casey Lucas, and Jennifer Mace. I moderated.

Establishing a Social Media Presence – Thanks to scheduling conflicts, this ended up being a solo-panel lecture/Q&A.

The Virtual CoNZealand TourI hosted, with Maree Pavletich

Balticon 54 – May 22-25 2020 – Baltimore, MD (Virtual)

Dealing with Literary Rejectionwith Karen Osborne (Moderator), Joshua Bilmes, Larry Hodges, and Margaret Riley

Beta-Reading Propositions: What Are You In For? – 10am Sunwith Keith Hughes (Moderator), Starla Huchton, Mike Luoma, and Ted Weber.

What’s This About A Social Media Presence? with Joshua Bilmes, Mike Luoma, and Tee Morris. I moderated.

World Fantasy Convention 2018 – Nov 1-4 2018 – Baltimore, MD

Talking the Talk: Audiobook from Fantasy with Guy Gavriel Kay (Moderator), Simon Vance, and Jessica Albert.