Morgan doesn’t just stay at home writing. You can find her out and about talking about writing, blogging, vlogging, voice acting, and more!

Upcoming Events

ScribbleCon – Feb 11th 2023 – Manassas, VA

RavenCon 2023 – April 21-23rd 2023 – Richmond, VA

Balticon 2023 – May 26-29th – Baltimore, MD

Imaginarium 2023 – July 14-16th 2023 – Louisville, KY

Past Events

CapClave 2022 – Sept 30 – Oct 2nd 2022 – Silver Springs, MD

  • Toxic Productivity
  • Grammar Wars and Pedantry
  • What’s In a Name?

ChiCon 8 (the 80th WorldCon) – Sept 1-5th – Chicago, IL (CDT)

  • Livestreaming For Beginners – I moderated, with Lauren A. R. Masterson, Gregory A. Wilson, and Nate Hoffelder.
  • Mental Health and Conrunning – Moderated by Marinda Darnell, with Gordon D. and Lynelle Howell.
  • Legal Considerations for Podcasters – Moderated by Sean Mean, with Bob J. Koester, Craig Brewer, and Will “scifantasy” Frank
  • Starting Your Own Podcast – Moderated by John Coxon, with Heather Rose Jones, Jennifer Mace, and Patrick Hester.
  • Judging a Book by Page 119 – Moderated by Helen Montgomery, with Brandon Ketchum C. Taylor-Butler, and Suzanne Palmer.

Authortube Writer’s Conference – July 15-17th 2022 – Virtual

  • Pitching: The Trad Publishing Process – The traditional publishing world can seem intimidating. What’s the difference between a blurb, a logline, and a query letter? Why might you want to go traditional instead of indie publishing? And how do you pick an agent to query in the first place? All this and more.

Imaginarium 2022 – July 8-10th 2022 – Louisville, KY

  • Writing YA – Moderated by Lynn Slaughter, with Jillian Boehme, M.S. Nolan, + Unlisted
  • Squirrel Taming – Lynn Tincher, Sela Carsen, Tommy B. Smith, Kelly Ferguson, and Dora Abel, Moderated by William Joseph Roberts.
  • Agents, Loglines, and Query Letters WORKSHOP – My first solo workshop — well, in person!

Balticon 56 – May 27-30th 2022 – Baltimore, MD

  • Being A Good Panelist Mildred Cady (moderator), Doc Coleman, and Wendy Van Camp.
  • Dynamic Voice ActingI moderated, with Chris Lester, Doc Coleman, and Max Baskin.
  • Guided Tour of Balticon
  • Morgan’s Lazy Sunday Afternoon “Productivity” StreamLive from Balticon, with regulars Doc Coleman and Sako Tumi.
  • How and When to Chapter – Elektra Hammond, Wen Spencer, moderated by Carol Gyzander.

RavenCon 15 – Apr 29 – May 1 2020 2021 2022– Williamsburg Richmond, VA

  • The Author and the Beta Reader – I moderated, with Hannah Bauman, Paula S. Jordan, and Will McIntosh.
  • Social Media, or Why I Haven’t Finished My Novel – I moderated, with Patrick Dugan and C. McDonnell.
  • Best Social Media Practices for Writers – Hannah Bauman, Stuart Jaffe, and a few other panelists that weren’t originally on the schedule. (Names?)
  • NaNoWriMo – Val Griswold-Ford, Harry “Jack” Heckel as moderator, and Debbie Manber Kupfer. (+ Unlisted)

Workshop – for Riverside Writers – Feb 12, 2022 – Fredericksburg, VA (Virtual)

  • Learn How to Pitch a Literary Agent

Workshop – for Write By The Rails – Jan 8, 2022 – Manassas, VA (Virtual)

  • Learn How to Pitch a Literary Agent

DisCon3/WorldCon – Dec 15-19 2021 – Washington D.C.

  • Adding Fannish Skills to Your Resumé – Ben Yalow, Natalie Naudus, Lynn Koehler, and Diana M. Pho.
  • Bad Kidneys and Other NFTs Marianne Kirby as moderator, L.D. Lewis, Malka Older, Arley Sorg, and Christine Sandquist.
  • Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading A tasting menu to help you find your next favorite author!

Imaginarium Convention – July 9-11th 2021 – Louisville, KY & Virtual

  • Social Media PlatformsTalk with industry professionals who use multimedia platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, Snap hat, etc. to promote their work
  • Character CreationLearn how to create compelling characters for your story.
  • Zoom EtiquetteA discussion on proper virtual meeting etiquette across many of the available platforms offered today.

Balticon 55 – May 28-31st 2021 – Baltimore, MD (Virtual)

Workshop – for Spectrum Writers – Feb 6th 2021 – London, UK (Virtual)

  • Social Media for Writers

Imaginarium Convention – Sept 21-27th 2020 – Louisville, KY (Virtual)

  • SubmissionsHow to submit to a press, write the perfect cover letter, pitches, and much much more.
  • NaNoWriMo – Discussing what NaNoWriMo is and why you should try it.
  • All Bloggers are Welcome – Discussing trends, topics, and tips to start your own blog. Plus reasons why you should.

Essence Of Wonder – with Gadi Evron – Sept 5th 2020 – (Virtual)

WorldCon – Jul 29-Aug 2 2020 – Wellington, New Zealand (Virtual)

  • What To Expect When You’re Ready To QueryWith L.D. Lewis, Casey Lucas, and Jennifer Mace. I moderated.
  • Establishing a Social Media Presence Thanks to scheduling conflicts, this ended up being a solo-panel lecture/Q&A.
  • The Virtual CoNZealand TourI hosted, with Maree Pavletich

Balticon 54 – May 22-25 2020 – Baltimore, MD (Virtual)

World Fantasy Convention 2018 – Nov 1-4 2018 – Baltimore, MD

  • Talking the Talk: Audiobook from FantasyGuy Gavriel Kay (Moderator), Simon Vance, and Jessica Albert.