Morgan doesn’t just stay at home writing. You can find her out and about talking about writing, blogging, vlogging, voice acting, and more!

Upcoming Events

RavenCon 15 – Apr 24-26 2020 – Williamsburg, VA

(Schedule is tentative and subject to change.)

Noon (Panel) NaNoWriMo / Room L
2 pm (Panel) The Writer and the Beta Reader / Room L
5 pm (Panel) Social Media Best Practices for Writers / Room F

10 am (Panel) Social Media, or, Why I Haven’t Finished My Novel / Room L

Balticon 54 – May 22-25 2020 – Baltimore, MD

WorldCon – Jul 29-Aug 2 2020 – Wellington, New Zealand


Past Events

World Fantasy Convention 2018 – Nov 1-4 2018 – Baltimore, MD

Talking the Talk: Audiobook from Fantasy – 5pm Sat – Homeland
with Guy Gavriel Kay, Simon Vance, Morgan Hazelwood, and Jessica

Description: How to pronounce that name, what to do about elven text, what does a an imp sound like? These issues and others will be investigated by the panel as they look at the challenges of making a fantasy novel into an audiobook. #FantasyAudiobooks