Morgan doesn’t just stay at home writing. You can find her out and about talking about writing, blogging, vlogging, voice acting, and more!

Upcoming Events

WorldCon – Jul 29-Aug 2 2020 – Wellington, New Zealand


RavenCon 15 – Apr 24-26 2020 2021 – Williamsburg, VA

(Schedule is tentative and subject to change.)

The Writer and the Beta Reader
Social Media Best Practices for Writers
Social Media, or, Why I Haven’t Finished My Novel


Past Events

World Fantasy Convention 2018 – Nov 1-4 2018 – Baltimore, MD

Talking the Talk: Audiobook from Fantasy – 5pm Sat – Homeland
with Guy Gavriel Kay, Simon Vance, Morgan Hazelwood, and Jessica

How to pronounce that name, what to do about elven text, what does a an imp sound like? These issues and others will be investigated by the panel as they look at the challenges of making a fantasy novel into an audiobook. #FantasyAudiobooks

Balticon 54 – May 22-25 2020 – Baltimore, MD

Dealing with Literary Rejection – 5pm Sat – with Karen Osborne (Moderator), Joshua Bilmes, Morgan Hazelwood, Larry Hodges, and Margaret Riley

Every creator has received a rejection at some point in their career. What are good coping strategies and what should be avoided? How do you glean advice from rejections, and how do you recognize when you’ve been sent boilerplate text? How (and should) you integrate this feedback into your work?

Beta-Reading Propositions: What Are You In For? – 10am Sunwith Keith Hughes (Moderator), Morgan Hazelwood, Starla Huchton, Mike Luoma, and Ted Weber

So you’ve been asked (or offered) to beta-read for someone. Now what? If they don’t tell you, what sort of feedback are they looking for? What sort of feedback should they be looking for? And, of course, how to give feedback that helps — and still be on speaking terms with the author after they’ve read your comments.

What’s This About A Social Media Presence? – 12pm Sun – with Morgan Hazelwood (Moderating), Joshua Bilmes, Mike Luoma, and Tee Morris

In this day and age, if you want an audience, the marketing department (assuming you have one) is going to want you to do some of the heavy lifting — even before you have a product to sell! What qualifies as a “social media presence” when your audience grew up with the internet? We’ll discuss how to start building your brand, reaching out to fans, and what should you avoid doing.