Should You Blog, YouTube, and/or Podcast?

These days, social media is king, and everything else is old school. If you’re not on TikTok (or whatever the next big thing is), why do you even bother? But there’s something to be said for creating original content and controlling your own platform.

At the titular panel, Scott Cox, J.D. Blackrose, John Peacock, Sean Burton, and moderator John Pyka helped validate a set of activities I spend a lot of my waking hours participating in.

Week In Review: August 7th, 2022

As always, Morgan was a busy bee ALL WEEK LONG!

I’m sharing tips on Audiobook Narration, talking about Booktube, streaming productivity and Query rewrites (to raise money for Reproductive Rights), sharing advice from this week’s author spotlight guest, Sathya Achia, and more!

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Getting Started with Audio Book Narration

With a mother who was a children’s librarian and did the best bedtime stories, I’ve always been fascinated with audiobook narration. As an adult, I’ve dabbled in voice acting with the fairytale podcast, Anansi Storytime (Anansi, like the spider). So, how do you get started with audiobook narration, how do authors find a narrator for their works, and should you ever record your own stories?

Author Spotlight: Sathya Achia

Today’s Author Spotlight guest is Sathya Achia!

this yogini is a medical editor (by day) who escapes into writing YA, MG, and PB stories by night, featuring her East meets West roots, South Asian folklore, and nature.

She’s sharing writing tips and more!