What 1 Writer’s NaNoWriMo Looked Like

What My NaNoWriMo Looked Like This Year

On this, the last day of November, the last day of NaNoWriMo, I start with about 1,500 words left to write.

I look at my notes and see that last November? I wrote a sequel to my original novel. And…I not only wrote it, but I wrote a Nano-and-a-half worth of words. 75,000 words.

This year? My story did not flow that easily.
Was it the characters? Was it the world building? The tense, the adherence to the basic Robin Hood timeline that stymied me? I don’t know.
I’ve tried to fit my words in short daily time frames, with NaNoWriMo sprints really helping with that. I’ve done 21 shared word sprints this month, averaging about 500 words per 15 minutes sprint. So long as I have a good 15 minute break between sprints…
Maybe I’m just calling it quits too soon?
They say that every story is different and I’ve come to truly appreciate the truth in that.
So, let’s look back at my NaNo writing this month.