Morgan Hazelwood:

Writer In Progress


Morgan Hazelwood (she/her) is a querying fantasy author, plus a blogger, vlogger, and podcaster of writing tips and writerly musings.

Raised by a librarian and an SFF fan, she devoured the entire fairy tale and folklore section in her elementary school library, then moved on to the public library and her parents’ well-stocked shelves.

When not writing, you can find her devouring book series on her kindle, learning to scroll saw, dressing up at local conventions, or feeding her webcomic addiction. She also lends her voice to Anansi Storytelling – a radio-style podcast of folktales from around the world.


  1. You should mention the cons and your costumes, since many SF and fantasy readers are also into those. I also look forward to the final of your novel, since I was once of your readers earlier on. As Miles would say, “Forward Momentum!”

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