Q/A : Why Did You Write Demon Marked?

Q/A Wednesday: Where’d You Get Your Idea? Why Did You Write Demon Marked

For me, Demon Marked came to me in a dream. Literally.

Just a few key images that I wrote down when I woke up, years and years ago. I wondered about that world. I wondered how my girl got there. I started to write the story more than twice. It percolated for years.

Finally, I managed to commit to writing and finished the story.

What kept me going? Why did I write Demon Marked?


I needed to know what happened.

Who was the man in her dream? How did she get to the cliffs? How would she rescue [REDACTED]?! If I didn’t write it, I would never know what happened.

I’m a plot driven reader and that’s why I write. I try to make sure I have a visual world for my readers, but my imagination is typically more conceptional, or tactile. Sometimes, my story ideas come from wondering “what if…”, sometimes they come from brief images I dream, but always, I write to find out how we get there from here.

What do you think?

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