Week In Review: September 23, 2022

As always, Morgan was a busy bee ALL WEEK LONG!

I’m sharing tips on agent/writer relationship expectations, the appeal of portal fantasy, writing tips from this week’s author spotlight guest Cassie Greutman, and more!

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Publishing As Collaboration

If you want to be a published author, a little professionalism goes a long way.

Bookshelves are packed with volumes about how to properly submit your manuscripts, but how does professionalism function in real-world publishing relationships? Moreover, what defines professionalism from culture to culture? Agents and editors share their best examples of what works best, and how to get back on track if your interactions go off the rails.

Author Spotlight: Cassie Greutman

Today’s Author Spotlight guest is Cassie Greutman!

an author obsessed with all things speculative, including all sub-genres of fantasy and a whole lot of sci-fi

She’s sharing writing tips and more!