On Being Selfish

[Blog Note: Sorry for lack of updates. 4th of July is a pretty busy time of year for the Hazelwoods and there were some life things, but I’m back!]

On Being Selfish

Some people out there are selfish. They think of themselves first, second, and last. Everything they do, they ask, “how will this benefit me?” They will happily crush you to get ahead.

Or so I’ve been told.

I’m sure that those people are out there. I’ve been fortunate enough not to run into them.

What I run into are the self-oriented.

These people think about themselves and their partner or child first, second, and penultimately. They still try to make the best out of whatever comes there way.


They listen. They care. They just aren’t habituated to think of others. If you mention someone who needs help, or tell them about people who are suffering they’re ultimately eager to help. They just won’t see it or offer help until asked. Sometimes, they’ve tried to help in the past and been burned by it. But for the truly self-oriented, it just doesn’t occur to them. Just like characters, everyone reacts a certain way for a reason.

For those people, I try to be patient and understanding. I just have to remember to verbalize my needs.

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  1. Good post. Sometimes it is difficult asking for what we need. Which is why I’ll ask:

    What can I do to help? What do you need?


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