The Attempted Coup

I try to stay apolitical on here.

But I can’t not acknowledge the events of yesterday and what led up to them.

When the courts, the governors, and the auditors find no widespread fraud, to encourage your base to attack the government is beyond the pale.

Telling his base about widespread fraud Before Even The First Ballot Was Cast clearly was riling up Trump’s base in anticipation of claiming any loss was someone else cheating.

We are a nation divided, but the numbers shouldn’t be that surprising. Trump knows he’s been been very divisive. But when people live in a bubble too long, they start to think people outside the bubble don’t exist.

I hope we can find a way back from this and heal, but I also hope those who inspired and committed these atrocious acts are punished to the full extent of the law. Especially since so many of them tweeted their activities.

Here’s to hoping for no more loss of life as we had toward Biden’s inauguration.

Trump, please accept the election results as legitimate and tell your base to go home.

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