Week In Review: January 14

In Case You Missed it, here’s the round-up of all of my latest content, plus updates from old guests!

Read on if you want to know more. If not? See you next week with more writing tips and writerly musings.

Coming up this week:

On Youtube: Join me for my productivity live stream, Sundays at 4:30 EST. Come join a productivity sprint or two. Or eat some snacks. Maybe both. You do you.

On Twitch: You can also join the live stream here.

Content Around The Web:

On Youtube:

  • Manuscripts Need Breathing SpaceAfter I finish a rough draft, I find my manuscript needs to breathe before I can move on. Here are the things I like to fix before sharing — and why it needs to rest.

On the Podcast “Writing Tips and Writerly Musings”:

  • If Your Writing Isn’t 3D, Layer It!– When I write, I’m pretty focused on the characters and what’s going on — both plotwise and in their heads. That can leave my descriptions… lacking. But! That’s okay, because you don’t have to get everything in during your rough draft! You can layer in detail.
  • Morgan’s 2022 ResolutionsWhile resolutions aren’t for everyone, I think they work for me. Here are my plans for 2022.

On The Blog (In Case You Missed It):


At 1pm on February 8th, I will be talking to the Riverside Writers Club in Fredericksburg VA (virtually) about how to Pitch Literary Agents.

Coming up April 29th-May 1st, you can find me at RavenCon in Richmond, VA.

What I’ve Been Reading:

Romances — regency and contemporary paranormal.

A Dangerous Scheme (Regency Spies & Secrets Book 4) by Laura Beers.

Is it possible for love to persist if it was built on a lie?

Mr. Guy Stewart, now an agent of the Crown, has been sent to determine if an illegal labor union has formed in the town of Anmore. It is a simple enough assignment, but nothing seems to go as planned when he arrives, and he quickly learns that one wrong move can lead to his death.

Miss Daphne Locke has just received the most extraordinary news—she has just been named her grandmother’s heir! When her meddlesome cousin shows up unannounced, she must do her best to ignore his constant criticism of her and focus on her new responsibilities.

When the two strangers cross paths, neither can deny the instant attraction between them. But Guy is under pressure to complete his assignment and doesn’t have time for pesky feelings, and Daphne is far above his station.

As his heart tugs him in an impossible direction, will Guy do what his conscience dictates, or put duty above all?

Once Upon an Achingly Beautiful Kiss (The Whickertons in Love Book 5) by Bree Wolf.

In this second-chance Regency romance, two childhood friends discover that while love is patient, it certainly is helpful to have a matchmaking grandmother at hand.

Tor (Westerly Cove, book 1) by Zoe Chant.

Take a beautiful, magical shifter town, a sexy, protective hero with a chaotic polar bear family, a tough heroine picking up the pieces of her shattered heart, a maybe-haunted lighthouse … and a cat only his owner could love.

New Works By Previous Guests:

Nothing this week. Check back next time.

Picture(s) of the Week:

Another week, another snow!

May be an image of nature and tree

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