Week In Review: March 25th

In Case You Missed it, here’s the round-up of all of my latest content, plus updates from old guests!

Read on if you want to know more. If not? See you next week with more writing tips and writerly musings.

Coming up this week:

No stream this week!

On Twitch: You can also join the live stream here.

Content Around The Web:

On Youtube:

On the Podcast “Writing Tips and Writerly Musings”:

  • Making Endings Ring True – One of the hardest things to do as a writer is to make the ending work for your readers. To tie everything together, in a way that the readers feel satisfied.

On The Blog (In Case You Missed It):

  • But, I Don’t Want To Be A Hero (A DisConIII Panel) – The reluctant hero is a solid staple of fiction and comic books. What is a reluctant hero? What are favorite hero traits? And what keeps them from being an anti-hero?
  • Author Spotlight: E. Paige Burks – She’s a mother of boys and cats, architect of fantasy worlds, and decider of fictional fates! She’s sharing writing tips and more!

Upcoming Events:

April 29th-May 1st, you can find me at RavenCon in Richmond, VA. (3rd try’s the charm!)

May 27-30th, I’ll be back at Balticon in Baltimore, MD.

July 8-10th will be my return to Imaginarium Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.

What I’ve Been Reading:

Nothing this week.

New Works By Previous Guests:

None this week, check back next week!

Picture(s) of the Week:

I hit Spilled Ink Friday night, sharing written word with other local scribblers.

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