Week In Review: May 6th

In Case You Missed it, here’s the round-up of all of my latest content, plus updates from old guests!

Read on if you want to know more. If not? See you next week with more writing tips and writerly musings.

Coming up this week:

On Youtube: Camp NaNo might be over, but I’m still hanging out! Come, hang out, and maybe even get some productivity done yourself. Here on youtube at 4:30pm EDT.

On Twitch: Or join me here on twitch.

Content Around The Web:

On Youtube:

  • RavenCon 2022How I got to be a panelist and how my belated RavenCon 2020 went.

On the Podcast “Writing Tips and Writerly Musings”:

  • But I’m Not A YA Writer: Gender Biases in the Book World – Women writers of speculative fiction are often getting shelved with the YA books — even when they’re clearly not intended for teens. Unfortunately, getting misclassified has dire consequences for the novel. How is this happening and how can we stop this trend?

On The Blog (In Case You Missed It):

  • RavenCon 2022How I got to be a panelist and how my belated RavenCon 2020 went.

Upcoming Events:

May 27-30th, I’ll be back at Balticon in Baltimore, MD.

July 8-10th will be my return to Imaginarium Convention in Louisville, KY.

Sept 1-5th, you can find me at ChiCon 8 (the 80th WorldCon) in Chicago, IL.

What I’ve Been Reading:

My finished editing my own manuscript as I’ve been editing for Camp Nano! And!

Seanan McGuire’s latest book in her Alchemical Fears series.

Seasonal Fears

The king of winter and the queen of summer are dead. The fight for their crowns begins!

Melanie has a destiny, though it isn’t the one everyone assumes it to be. She’s delicate; she’s fragile; she’s dying. Now, truly, is the winter of her soul. Harry doesn’t want to believe in destiny, because that means accepting the loss of the one person who gives his life meaning, who brings summer to his world. So, when a new road is laid out in front of them—a road that will lead through untold dangers toward a possible lifetime together—walking down it seems to be the only option. But others are following behind, with violence in their hearts.

It looks like Destiny has a plan for them, after all….

New Works By Previous Guests:

Nothing new this week, check back next week!

Picture(s) of the Week:

Here are a couple pictures from RavenCon 2022! Including a panel with Terry Brooks front and center.

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