Week In Review: December 2, 2022

In Case You Missed it, here’s the round-up of all of my latest content, plus updates from old guests!

Read on if you want to know more. If not? See you next week with more writing tips and writerly musings.

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  • Inverting TropesThese days, the term trope is often used as a sign of derision, but not all tropes are bad! There are times to use them, times to subvert them, and times to invert them. As long as the story is well written, you can use almost any tropes that fit your story.
  • Vlogmas is here! (Day 1, Day 2)Instead of a unifying theme, this year I’m just talking about my holiday season and my writing. (and on twitch 1 & 2)

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  • Season 6 is coming!

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I’m doing a December Flood of Author Spotlight interviews, clearing out my queue from all the authors I’ve talked to this year!

  • Inverting TropesThese days, the term trope is often used as a sign of derision, but not all tropes are bad! There are times to use them, times to subvert them, and times to invert them. As long as the story is well written, you can use almost any tropes that fit your story.
  • Author Spotlight Guest: Jay S. Willis A fantasy writer for all age ranges from Ohio (and the keeper of the Grail). He’s sharing writing tips and more!
  • Another NaNoWriMo in the BagCelebrating my win and admitting that ‘winning’ doesn’t mean you have a workable manuscript.
  • Author Spotlight Guest: Mark TimmonyA reader, writer, and dreamer who conjures up worlds of epic fantasy. He’s sharing writing tips and more!

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April 21-23rd, 2023, you can find me returning to RavenCon 16!

What I’ve Been Reading:

A bunch more of the Lynsay Sands Vampire romances, plus a cute punerific 100-page story by Zoe Chant.

A Very Meowy Christmas

Being cool as a cat is harder than it looks when unexpected love strikes!

Single dad and bobcat shifter Mason has moved to Virtue to raise his toddler in the safety of a shifter community. But minor catastrophe strikes when his daughter escapes to play in the woods, and the last thing Mason expects when she’s found is to meet his mate. His bobcat insists it’s meow or never, but Mason isn’t ready for the complication of a new relationship.

Veterinary student Chrissy has always known about Virtue’s shifters, and even dreamed of finding fated love of her own, but that didn’t prepare her for a lost bobcat kitten who turns into an adorable little girl. She can hardly believe it’s fur real, but Mason really does seem purrfect.

Mason needs to take it slow. Chrissy hasn’t yet wrapped up veterinary school. On the surface, it seems impawssible, but as they spend time kitten around, Chrissy and Mason realize they’re already building holiday traditions of their own, and that together, they’re going to have a very meowy Christmas.

New Works By Previous Guests:

New from Lauren Sevier and A. Smith:

Leather and Lace (The Fool’s Adventure #2)

<img src="https://morganshazelwood.files.wordpress.com/2022/12/leatherandlace.jpg?w=333&quot; alt="Morgan might be busier than ever! She kicked off the week with an episode of Queery Helpline, won NaNoWriMo, shared tips on Inverting tropes, started a December FLOOD of author spotlight interviews. Oh, and decided to participate in Vlogmas again.

Three years wandering the desert is enough to drive anyone insane, and the limits of Bonnie and Jesse’s minds and hearts will be put to the ultimate test.

A deadly showdown with a murderous outlaw ripped Bonnie away from the relative peace and ragtag family she’d built at the end of Guns & Smoke. In the thrilling next chapter in The Fool’s Adventure series, we finally get the answer to the biggest question: What happened to Bonnie?

After three years of fighting to get her back, literally, Jesse James finds her in the most unlikely of places– New Orleans high society. With the help of his rival-turned-friend Will Ellis, and a sassy staff member, Jesse’s tasked with infiltrating the house of the man he believes was responsible for killing his parents in order to get her back. Jesse’s biggest challenge yet will be learning to fight for Bonnie in a way he never expected before: by fitting in.

Mired in high society politics and scheming, Bonnie is at the epicenter of one of the most ruthless gangs in the world. Years trapped in a gilded cage of wealth and lies have irrevocably changed her from a crass outlaw into a southern debutante. Gone is the dangerous glint in her eyes, replaced with suspicion when the devilishly handsome street fighter named Montana suddenly joins her father’s staff.

Can Jesse remind Bonnie of who she really is in time to keep her from giving her heart and hand away or will he discover that the wild, beautiful outlaw he fell in love with is truly gone?

Picture(s) of the Week:

I already showed off my #NaNoWriMo winner badge, and you’re getting plenty of holiday glimpses, so maybe it’s time for another Catticus pic. Here’s one of him with his refillable sea turtle toy on his back — if the world is on the back of a turtle, what is the turtle on the back of? Could it be a Catticus?

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