Week In Review: December 31, 2022

In Case You Missed it, here’s the round-up of all of my latest content, plus updates from old guests!

Read on if you want to know more. If not? See you next week with more writing tips and writerly musings.

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For December, I’m doing a FLOOD of author spotlights, in addition to my weekly posts, to clear out my backlog and celebrate more authors.

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ScribbleCon 1 – February 11th, 2023 – Manassas, VA

RavenCon 2023 – April 21-23rd, 2023 – Richmond, VA

Imaginarium Convention 2023 – July 14-16th, 2023 – Louisville, KY

What I’ve Been Reading:

Binge reading Zoe Chant paranormal romances — where I found out that’s actually a pen name for several writers, and one of them also writes under Lauren Esker. Here is the longest series I read.

Shifter Agents Collection #1

Handcuffed to the Bear

Handcuffed together and hunted, they must rely on each other to survive!

Bear shifter and ex-mercenary Jack Ross hasn’t always been one of the good guys, but now he’s an agent of the Shifter Crimes Bureau, chasing a pride of lion shifters who hunt other shifters in the Canadian wilderness. When he steps in to save their beautiful victim, he ends up in hot water right alongside her. Jack’s spent his life avoiding emotional entanglements, but this time he’s literally handcuffed to the woman whose touch sets him on fire …

Curvy lynx shifter Casey McClaren isn’t just a victim. She’s on an undercover mission of her own, with no training or backup, trying to find out who killed her best friend. But everything goes wrong, and she finds herself trapped on a remote island, handcuffed to the sexiest bear shifter she’s ever seen. Casey can tell by the scars and tattoos that he’s exactly the kind of man she shouldn’t let herself love. But she can’t resist the way he makes her heart pound …

Guard Wolf

Can two lonely people find a home in each other?

Avery Hollen is a werewolf without a pack. After growing up in the foster system, this lone wolf has bonded to his co-workers at the Shifter Crimes Bureau because he has no one else, but he’s always yearned for a pack and a family of his own. Then a box of orphaned wolf shifter puppies turns up on his doorstep, with danger one step behind …

Curvy Aussie social worker Nicole Yates is one of the world’s only koala shifters. Slowly rebuilding her life after a personal disaster, she’s managed to convince herself that working with other people’s children is a fair substitute for having her own. Besides, she’s too busy for dating or relationships, and every other koala shifter is related to her anyway.

Then a wolf-shifter federal agent with a box of werewolf puppies turns up on her doorstep …

Dragon’s Luck

Two people with secrets on a cruise ship full of enemies …

Jen Cho is a gecko shifter and infiltration expert for the Shifter Crimes Bureau. But this time she’s in over her head—out of touch with her handler and head over heels for a sexy gambler who mistakenly thinks she’s as much of a bad girl as he’s a bad boy!

Ambrose “Lucky” Lucado has been playing in high-stakes games of chance since he was big enough to see over the table. But the sexy lizard shifter has a secret: he’s not a lizard at all. He’s a dragon, the rarest of all shifters. With danger closing in on every side, is “Lucky” Lucado lucky enough to protect both of them?

New Works By Previous Guests:

New from Brand J. Alexander, book 2 of his Guardians of the Tide series:

Song of the Rising Deep (#2)

The Guardians watched the heavens for danger. Never suspecting it would rise from below.

The Twin Moontide broke the world of Nix for a second time—a final blow to what remained of civilization. In the aftermath, the world of orphaned children and ignored suffering somehow grew crueler and more unforgiving still. Yet, Aust the Orphan King struggles on, sustaining his small kingdom of abandoned rejects with all he has.

But the breaking of Nix was only the beginning. An urgent warning from Rayatha Seasinger portends a new approaching doom, and the Guardians of the Tide are nowhere in sight.

An ominous song emanates from deep within the Nether Sea. With every note, it rises.

A song of change. A song of destruction.

To survive, Aust will have to cast aside old enmities and forge unexpected alliances. But learning to trust is not so easy for the Orphan King, and for good reason

A new short story from David Green.

Before The Shadow

The unmissable prequel short story to the epic fantasy ‘In Solitude’s Shadow’, The Magic Book Corner’s Best Book of 2021.

Disgraced and exiled, Zanna Alpenwood arrives alone at the remote citadel Solitude, ready to serve her empire until her final breath. But she soon learns violence and treachery lurk even here at the edges of the empire of Haltveldt and must decide once and for all which side she will stand on.

Meanwhile, beyond the walls of Solitude, a lone figure watches the guards high on the battlements. Things are changing for his people and Tilo finds himself tasked with a world-changing purpose, and must make a decision that will change the face of Haltveldt forever.

Separated by mountains and yet tied together by fate, Zanna and Tilo alone must face the weight of their choices against the backdrop of impending ruin. For better or worse, a shadow is falling on them all.

And finally, from Chris Lodwig, book 2 of his Systemic Series.

Host: Systemic

A neurodivergent, post-apocalyptic, dystopian coming-of-age story.

Three centuries after the Calming, the System is alive, but it’s not well. All that remains of the once-omnipotent AI are The Book it left behind and the itinerant professors charged with keeping its wisdom.

Now Reyan, a lonely girl who thinks too much, understands too little, and is overwhelmed by everything, must learn to harness her remarkable mind if she hopes to return the System to its former glory.

Picture(s) of the Week:

Here’s a picture of my Christmas tree, right after Santa visited. (There was a spare stocking, not one skipped).

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