Week In Review: April 29th, 2023

In Case You Missed it, here’s the round-up of all of my latest content, plus updates from old guests!

Read on if you want to know more. If not? See you next week with more writing tips and writerly musings.

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  • How To Be A Good ModeratorThere is one role that can make or break a panel. Whether you’re a writer guest-of-honor on a panel at a convention, or just hosting a dinner party, being a good moderator is a highly underrated skill.

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  • Post-Con Report: RavenCon 2023I had a delightful weekend at RavenCon. I was on 7 panels, attended 5 more, plus opening ceremonies and a book launch. There’s always tons to do at a convention.
  • Author Spotlight Guest: Chika Unigwe a writer and a professor of writing. She loves fedoras, shoes, and British soap operas!e’s sharing writing tips and writerly musings with us.

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Balticon 2023 – May 26-29th, 2023 – Baltimore, MD

Imaginarium Convention 2023 – July 14-16th, 2023 – Louisville, KY

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Nothing this week, check back next time!

New Works By Previous Guests:

Many of my former Author Spotlight guests had new works published this week! Alice Ivinya, Leon Stevens, V.M. Nelson, and JD Cunegan.

Crown of Glass (#1)

Sometimes the strongest things are made of glass.

Half kelpie, half human, Fenella belongs to neither Faery nor the mortal realm. She strives to remain unnoticed, for humans have always distrusted the fae. And distrust breeds violence.

When Fenella is kidnapped by a ruthless stranger, she lands in Faery at the center of deadly schemes. Her only chances to escape back to her family are during three glittering balls. However, escape from this dangerous world becomes more complicated as she’s torn between a villain and a spy.

Neither will give her up. Neither will let the other live. And both will wage war to place a crown of glass on her head.

The Final View (#3)

“We have to go back.”

That’s what April said as we sat at the bar. Now, I regret the choices.

April texted me. “When are we going back?” I’ve thought about it constantly. We could have gone back right away, but we both decided to come home to take care of some things here first. Would the entrance still be there in the future? It had to be. We didn’t destroy it like the last time—although, I don’t think it was anything we did on purpose to seal the cave at the end of the trail. There was an earthquake, but did we do that? I don’t think so.

There is some connection that both of us feel about that place. Maybe it’s the shared experience, maybe it’s the residual ‘gift’ Flick gave us, or as April puts it: “I think we have a higher purpose, Thomas.”

I don’t know what that is. Neither does she.

Stolen (#2)

Tasi’s world has been turned upside down.

She and her newfound family flee New York City and head to a secret location. One that should keep her and Emily safe from the Deity—the evil group hunting them.

A promise has also been made to go on the offensive. Tasi is ready to attack. The only problem, her mother—a newly turned vampire—is standing in her way.

Then, as tragedy strikes, and the Deity is one step closer to creating the vampire virus, the secret coven prepares to lead an assault. The problem? The group brought in to head up the mission tells Tasi to sit it out.

Feeling dismissed, Tasi takes matters into her own hands. Refusing to ask for help from the people she loves, she sneaks out to hunt down the evil cult, alone. With danger around every corner and an unexpected companion, will Tasi realize she has people who would die for her, ready to help her, before it is too late?

Bitter End (#6)

Endgame is near.

David Gregor has upped the stakes by subjecting himself to the same cybernetic procedure that eventually turned Jill into Bounty. It’s become clear that Gregor will never face traditional justice, throwing everything Jill thought she knew into question. Emboldened by his newfound physical prowess, Gregor raises the bar yet again.

Mourning her father for a second time, Jill becomes further isolated from those closest to her – including her partner and best friend. Obsession takes hold, even as her native Baltimore once again becomes a backdrop for the epidemic of police violence. An epidemic Mitch is determined to snuff out once and for all.

But it’s clear what Jill has to do. There’s only one way to dispatch of David Gregor once and for all, and she finally understands that. There will be no jail cell. No courtroom. But can Jill bring herself to do it? What does it say about her if the answer’s yes?

One thing’s for sure: nothing will ever be the same.

Picture(s) of the Week:

On 4th Fridays, my local writing community holds an open mic night called “Spilled Ink”. This time, our local noir author, Michael Sensale asked a few regulars to help out with voices.

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