Author Spotlight: William R. Humble

This week’s Author Spotlight guest is William R. Humble!

William R. Humble is a transporter of the adventurous into speculative fiction realms with dual focuses on sci-fi and fantasy. So far, all people thus transported have returned safe and sound. Except Bob. We don’t talk about Bob.

Author Spotlight: Brand J. Alexander

Today’s Author Spotlight guest is Brand J. Alexander!

a masterful weaver of fantasy worlds with the magic of the written word.

He’s sharing writing tips, the scare that made him focus on his writing, and more!

Author Spotlight: Alan Hesse

Today’s Author Spotlight guest is Alan Hesse!

Wearing several hats: he is not only an author of educational comic books about the environment but also an educator and a conservation biologist.

He’s sharing writing tips, talking about writing and illustrating graphic novels, and more!