Second Draft

In my novel, Demon Marked, I’ve known key points of where I was going for a long time. The only question is how and why Lilyan, my main character, ends up there.

My beta readers got back to me in December. They had bits of feedback here and there. Tweaks, adjustments, clarifications.


Universally agreed.

The ending was weak.

It didn’t deliver on the promises of the rest of the book. It didn’t show Lilyan’s growth and independence. It needed work.

I bounced some ideas off a beta reader or two while working on the rest of the edits, making myself work in order, reviewing the whole book to make sure the new direction would flow.

Monday, I finished the edits. Tuesday, I rewrote the ending. Wednesday, I let it percolate. Thursday, I printed it out and took a red pen to it.

The new ending was poorly written. Probably the most work needed of anything I’d written in the entire novel. But the plot points were there, the framework was there. It just needed strengthening.

With my red pen, I hit the point (about 6 pages in) where the new ending was weak, where the action was forced. I wrote a new sentence. And it clicked.

I opened the document up, updating as I went, inputting my red pen edits. Then, I hit the new sentence. Remodeling as I went, I followed the paradigm shift to the end.

At 12:05am, I finished my Second draft. 

What do you think?

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