Father’s Day

Yesterday, I celebrated father’s day by visiting my dad. The same dad that, when I decided with less than 2 days notice, already had a room booked for Balticon and was thrilled to have me come so he could introduce me to his writer friends.

Yesterday, I got home and picked up the book on writing, bird by bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott that I’m halfway through re-reading. My late step-dad gave it to me years ago when I was little and living at home because I’d always wanted to be a writer. It’s still a highly recommended book on writing 20 years later. He inscribed it:

To: Morgan on Her Birthday

Following a dream takes work. Work and the dream will follow.


I know how very fortunate I have been to have had such supportive and encouraging fathers. I’m thankful for all their support and encouragement.

Pictured with my parents at my wedding, step dad and mom to the left, dad to the right, me in the middle holding white and red roses.
With my parents, at my wedding, several years ago.

Not everyone has a father. Not everyone has a good relationship with their father. For those of you without, I hope your family now- birth family, made family, or found family loves and cherishes and pushes you to grow.

I hope all of you find people who will support your dreams and help you do the work to make them a reality.

What do you think?

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