I’d Make A Good Henchman


Most people I know, when dealing with things that get in their way [that may or may not be bureaucracy], rant and rage at it. They look for ways around it and curse at its very existence.

Me? I rationalize it.

That car going slow? They might have a learners permit and a nervous mother giving too many directions at them.

This form I have to fill out? They just need proof that the request was legitimate.

The DMV? They’ve had too many people try to do shady deals and have to do it this way to make sure you’re legally the owner.

I can rationalize nearly anything. I’ve convinced my co-workers why we need to fill out this form or do that training- just based on things I’ve speculated. I’ve come to recognize the fact that this makes me an excellent 2nd in command.

I’d be the perfect henchman.

I’d make the evil overlord’s commands sound like the only rational option. I can think of reasons why anyone would do nearly anything. Sometimes, I don’t like the reasons- greed, pride, fear, hate – but I can usually recognize their motivation and often empathize with them.

This ability really shines when I’m creating a plot and filling my world with people.

How do you deal with roadblocks?


What do you think?

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