Snowed In

The Bunny-eared Shoveler!

Friday, I got snowed in. So, I read some, I edited some, I shoveled some, and I napped some.

Oh, right. By editing “some”, I mean I FINISHED!

I wish I were Done Done, but I think this has got one more round of edits before I start querying agents.

The cycle of feedback-edit-feedback-edit feels like it will never stop. But every time, I feel my story getting better, stronger, truer.

I can’t describe the feeling I get when I edit a word, a sentence, a page, and it’s transformed from a vague concept to being just right. I can liken it to a carver, creating the shape and the form, then honing the details; an oil painter, adding layers and depth, and sometimes painting over the old to create something truer. I read the fixed words, smile and sigh contentedly. Then, I turn my attention to the next page.

Remember last week when I posted my goals for this year? I need to update them.

My Writing Goals This Year:

  • Finish 3rd re-write by March
  • Send to Beta Reader(s) as soon as re-write is finished.
  • With feedback, finish next rewrite before July.
  • After final rewrite, send to at least 3 publishers/agents
  • Win NaNoWriMo (Write 50,000 words in November)
  • Make a blog post at least twice a month  = 2/jan!

While waiting on feedback, I think I’m going to catch up on my reading and work on recreating a gym habit. Plus, work on plotting out the sequel.

What can I say? A writer’s work is never done.

How else will I find out what happens next!

The Bunny-eared Shoveler’s Shadow!

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