It’s been a crazy week on writing front! With no work from me. Okay, that’s a lie, I did the work up front and now I’m reaping the… uh, rewards?

I got my first rejection letter! A very kind form letter.

I was ecstatic and a bit disappointed. It only took 3 weeks, much less than the 3 months it may have taken. But, I’m sure there’s an agent out there who’s a better match for my story.

I got some feedback from a new beta-reader that I met at a workshop. Correction: I got a LOT of feedback from a new beta-reader that I met at a workshop. It was over 6,000 words, so something like 20 pages of feedback. The feedback was well-organized and easy to read. It gave me a lot of room for thought.

– A 3rd of the suggestions require tiny details added to remove confusion.
– A 3rd were suggestions that don’t quite go with the world I’m creating.
– A 3rd were things I knew were weak and hadn’t figured out to fix.

Fortunately, the feedback came with suggestions. Even if I don’t fix it the way that was suggested, it gives me a starting point. It’s a lot easier to say, “that won’t work, because X, but I could do it like Y!”

I’ve made a list of most of the things to fix.

Details to add: 9+
Scenes to adjust: 2
Scenes to re-add: 1
Scenes to write: 1

I’m now all fired up to fix things! And then try again.

P.S. Google is ready for me! They’ve added “Outline” to googleDocs– a sidebar with your table of contents auto-generated. So, you don’t have to scroll!


They might be able to seduce me back to my old google Fangirling ways…

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