Don’t Blink

Remember that momentum I talked about last week? I seem to be rolling in it this week!

I’ve gotten 2 new story ideas. One that’s gonna wait a bit and one that… well.

Did you know that writing a short story can be done in 90 minutes? And that editing can take a day or two? For a novelist like me, having a project done so fast is kinda giving me whiplash. I suddenly see why people do it! Although, being me, there are lot’s of stuff in the story that can easily be expanded upon, and a sequel wouldn’t be hard. The only worry is if the story is too derivative.

The only thing is, all those story ideas? Are completely different genres! I mean, I’ve been working on my novel for a couple years now, and it’s maybe YA, maybe new adult? And I’ve been playing with a picture book for a while now. The short story I just cranked out? Definitely middle grade (8-12 year olds), especially with a little tweaking. Of the things I haven’t written yet? One’s a horror short story and one might turn out to be a romance.

I have no clue how my brain works. But, I’m excited about all the ideas I’ve been having. Should I blame spring?

Do most writers blink around on what age range and genres they write? I mean, Asimov did try to write something for every Dewey-Decimal section.

But hey! Progress: I fixed the opening chapter of my novel. I changed 2 sentences and added 2 more and suddenly, the inciting incident has a lot more motivation to happen NOW instead of just a trigger to get ready.

I was gonna write/edit some more tonight, but there are webcomics to read!(1)

P.S. Yeah, I know it’s a bit cheap to use a Doctor Who title for my blog post, but I seriously feel like the short story developed that fast!(2)

1- I read Digger this weekend. Leftover Soup last week. And started Rain last night. YES. I have a webcomic problem. At least Digger’s already finished…

2- Now I have the country song, “Don’t Blink” stuck in my head…


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