3 Tips to Approaching People

At the end of the “How Do You Do It?” Creating Around a Day Job, Day Al-Mohamed  (I think), gave us 3 brilliant pointers for connecting with authors at a book-centric fan convention.[a] As conversation ice-breakers, just go up to them and say one of the following:

1 – I’m interested in writing.[b]

2 – What are you reading?

3 – What are you writing?

That’s it! Most people are there because they love books and want to share. Take no/I’m busy for an answer[d], be courteous, but be open to them.

a – Especially useful for approaching the people you fangirl/boy over.
b – Okay, this one’s more for aspiring authors like me, but hey! If you create stuff, that’s a thing to talk about.[c]
c- Not every author will be up for just chatting- they might be tired, busy, or extroverted out, but a lot of them love to talk about what they do and help people.
d-  and conscious of needing to clear a room.


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