Sometimes, You Need To Recharge

December is for Recharging

Guess How Much Writing I’ve Done Since December 1st?


But you know what I have done?

  • I visited family and baked approximately 50,000,000,000 cookies, with help from a 5 year old. (Plus one batch of fudge).
  • I cleaned my house.
  • I decorated for Christmas/Yule/Solstice.
  • I helped friends with prep for their annual NYE party.
  • I participated in 2 Tweet-Pitchfests — and got 2 likes from agents!
    • I submitted my queries to both of those agents.
  • I went sight-seeing and got in 15,000 steps one day, 20,000 the next – exercise I hadn’t gotten in during November.
  • I helped host a holiday gathering for 20.
  • I read a book (Wool – by Hugh Howey).
  • I beta-read a short story and a 2 chapters for writing friends.
  • I binged and made it into Season 3 of Gilmore Girls.
  • I made over 40 holiday cards.
  • I’ve finished most of my gift shopping.

Be Kind To Yourself

My December is always crazy-busy. I’m being understanding of my life and I’ll be getting back on track — albeit at a more maintainable pace– come January.

Plus, look at that list! At least 2 of those were writing related, and reading helps fuel the creative juices. Besides, I can’t imagine Gilmore Girls binging isn’t going to add clever, quick-witted repartee to my writing. 😉

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  1. My December has been very similar. I haven’t really touched any of my fictional pieces since November ended. I’ve done a bit of blogging, but everything writing related has been pretty minimal. I’m taking December to prep myself for everything I have planned in the New Year. We writers need to rest sometimes – rest that specific muscle at least. Taking a break to do other things can be so helpful. And obviously we get so much done when we take those breaks! Hope you’re enjoying the Christmas season (:

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