NaNoWriMo: Maintaining Your Writing Momentum

Maintaining Your Writing Momentum

Well Begun Is Half Done

We’re just over a week into NaNoWriMo at this point and whatever excitement and glory and energy you brought into this project are likely starting to burn out. This is turning into, maybe not quite a chore, but your words are starting to feel like a promise that must be kept, an obligation.

With 3 weeks left, even those who’ve gotten off course know that there’s still hope to get their words in, but now is the time to buckle down.

If you started off with a sprint and you’re ahead of the game? Don’t get too cocky! Remember the tortoise and the hare. See if you can keep your lead (or grow it), leaving wiggle-room for any impediments life decides to throw your way.

If you’ve been making your daily or weekly word count goal, sometimes that can be the inspiration and momentum you need to keep going. Once I have a streak of check-marks, I have added motivation to not miss a day.

This is the point where writers who only write when inspired often drop out. Inspiration can get you in the game, but for most of us, it’s not going to get us over the finish line.

The only way to get those words out is butt-in-chair. Without sitting down to write, you’re not gonna make it.

Best of luck!


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