Author Spotlight: Kelly Blanchard

  • prolific sff author, commonly referred to as the Muse in writing communities

Readers! Let’s give a good hearty welcome to Kelly Blanchard.

Kelly Blanchard is the author of the fantasy/science fiction series, The Chronicles of Lorrek. She lives in Texas in the middle of nowhere with her doberman, two cats, and her husband.

When she’s not writing and publishing books, she works closely with the online writing community, seeking to encourage and inspire beginning writers.

Kelly, thanks for agreeing to be here today. Most interviews start off with bios and such, and while I’ll get to that as always, let’s start with the important stuff!

If you could have any pet (real/fantasy/no-allergies/no worries about feeding it) what would it be?

A cheetah. I absolutely love cheetahs and really want to meet one in real life. They PURR!

What a lovely choice. I believe my niece would like to be a cheetah when she grows up.

What do you write and how did you get started?

I write a blend of fantasy/science fiction. What got me started with writing was honestly just reading a bunch of fan fiction, especially Star Wars fan fiction. I decided one day that I wanted to write my own stories, and the rest is history!

That’s awesome. I know there are tons of genre writers who got their start with fanfic. You’re pretty prolific, so your fans are very lucky.

What do you like to read?

When I have time to read, I like to read mainly fantasy stories, but I also like science fiction. And sometimes, when I’m bored, I’ll revisit old fan fiction sites and see what’s new. There are some really good fan fiction stories out there!

Genre fiction is my home as well. Glad to know that becoming a writer hasn’t turned you off your fanfic roots.

Name one commonly accepted piece of writing advice that doesn’t work for you.

Dialogue Tags

Dialogue tags. I rarely use them because they don’t work for me. The only time I ever use them is when three or more characters are in a conversation or if a character isn’t making an expression or moving. Otherwise, I use body language.

Oooh. That can be tricksy when there’s a lot of dialogue, but you’re right. In real life, people usually don’t stop moving and gesticulating when they start talking. There’s probably always some body language you can show.

Name one commonly accepted piece of writing advice that they can pry out of your cold, dead hands.

Show. Don’t Tell.

I guess it would be ‘show, don’t tell’. I really like showing as much as possible.

You’re approach to dialogue tags already proves that you practice what you preach.

Shameless Self-Promotion time!

The final book in the 9 book series ‘The Chronicles of Lorrek‘ just came out! If you haven’t been reading it, here’s the blurb for book 1: Someday I’ll Be Redeemed.

Someday I'll Be Redeemed (The Chronicles of Lorrek Book 1) by [Blanchard, Kelly]

Sorcerer Prince Lorrek discovers he has been wrongfully accused of a heinous crime. He is one of three people who know actually what happened, but one died and the memories of the other have been erased, so now only Lorrek remains. As Lorrek goes to clear his name, the kingdoms around him dissolve into war, but he can’t go home yet to help them. He wants his accuser to admit to the lie, but even that comes at a price. Will paying the cost for his redemption pit Lorrek against his family in the war?

Someday I’ll Be Redeemed is the first book in a fantasy/sci-fi series where medieval magic and high technology strive against one another, mysteries abound, and difficult choices must be made. If you like an unpredictable story, realistic male and female characters, a new take on old familiar tropes, and a tale that is different from any other, you will love Kelly Blanchard’s page-turning series.

If you’re at all interested in reading any of my books, you can find them on Amazon here (they’re free on Kindle limited!).

Check out my website and if you’d like to follow me on social media, there are a lot of places you can find me!

Website | Facebook Page | Facebook Group | Twitter | Instagram

Thank you so much for having me! This was fun!

A collage of all 9 book covers from The Chronicles of Lorrek series:
Someday I'll be Redeemed
I Still Have a Soul
I'm Still Alive
Do You Trust Me
You Left Me No Choice
They Must Be Stopped
Find Me If You Can
You're Not Alone
This Ends Now

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