Morgan Has A Podcast

All The Social Media Formats!

The social media experts say that you should balance where you spend your time based both on: the media formats you prefer and by where your audience is.

Since my audience could be anywhere, I’ve got a bit of what I like to call the “little mermaid” syndrome — I want to be where the people are.

I’ve been here, sharing writing tips and writerly musings since 2015, I’ve been resharing my Thursday posts in video format over on Youtube since 2017.

And now for those of you who’d rather just listen, instead of reading these posts or watching my talking head?

I’m turning my vlog into a podcast!

I’ve already got 6 seasons worth of material for you to enjoy and consume, on your favorite podcast app.

Check out my new tab: Podcast or head over to my FiresideFM host page to get the link for your favorite podcast app.


What do you think?

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