Which Are Better Writers? Introverts versus Extroverts

The stereotype of the writer is often a loner (maybe a drinker — tea, coffee, or alcohol dictated by genre), who spends all their time on their manuscripts and shuns human interaction.

But! That’s not at all a good picture of the majority of writers out there. While some of these reasons may lean into stereotypes, they will be true for some number of writers out there.

4 reasons Introverts are better writers:

  1. They don’t mind the time away from others — (when it’s their choice)
  2. Many make a study of human behavior — by observing
  3. Less busy social calendars
  4. More time to read – and being well read makes for better writers

4 reasons Extroverts are better writers:

  1. They enjoy interacting with a wide array of people
  2. Many make a study of human behavior — with their interactions
  3. They network more easily
  4. More likely to promote their work broadly

The clear winners are the ambiverts! We love to extrovert until we’re done, and then we’re happy to introvert until we start feeling housebound. We get the best of both sides.

Which are you? Did I miss any of your benefits? Do you think I’m right?


  1. Without much human interaction, you don’t get realistic characters.

    Of course, there is such a thing as going overboard. I present example #1: Hunter S. Thompson, Ph.D….

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  2. I’ve always said I’m an introverted extrovert. I can be ‘on’ until the thing I need to be on for is over, then I need my recharge alone time.

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