Home Office Upgrade

I was gonna do some more writing notes and things… and then I spent yesterday painting a window and today moving all of my books back into my home office/repurposed dining nook.

I started thinking about adding a window to this space after 2020 turned my home office into my primary workspace. Between my dayjob and my writing, I was spending all my waking hours here for a good portion of the pandemic and it doesn’t look likely to change anytime soon. But, the open-concept room of kitchen/dining nook/living room only had direct natural light from the kitchen. My eyes were getting tired by the end of the day, my vitamin-D count was… who knows, and I had a suspicion that a window where Catticus could keep an eye on me, that WASN’T over the kitchen sink, might be a good idea to keep him off my keyboard.

So, I saved up my money, went with the low-bid contractor, waited for several supply chain delays, and got it installed this past week! With the paint dry, and the addition approved by the inspector today, I could finally reassemble my home office. I thought I’d just enjoy the light, but I couldn’t resist rotating my setup so I could look out the window and just enjoy it. (Plus, now the easiest spot for Catticus to curl up on the desk is in front of my extra monitor, not on my keyboard, so we’ll see how this works out.)

And? I got a chance to weed out a handful of duplicates and make space for books that were jammed on top. All I’ve got left is to install a blackout blind — but only for use during daytime livestreams.

Remember, making your working space comfortable and inviting can go a long way toward encouraging you to use the space, and might even help your productivity.

Catticus’s view of my new bird feeder, my fence, and the neighbor’s shrubbery.
Before and After

What have you done to make your workspace more inviting?

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