A little past season, but still a fun query. See how I helped revise this dark holiday legend.

THE WITCH IN THE ENVELOPE, is a dark twist on the legend of St. Nick, Nick and his Watchers aren’t here to leave toys — they’re here to keep Mara, the vengeful witch, from kidnapping children to fuel her magic.

Check out my latest query rewrite which takes a query from the hows of the writing to the stakes of the story.

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#30 Query Corner – ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE

ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE is a Women’s Fiction novel about several generations of women in a single family – unlucky-in-love and dealing with the consequences.

Lucy, whose husband’s brother helps her and her daughter during her husband’s hospitalization.

And her granddaughter, Annabelle, whose groom’s apathy shoves her into another man’s bed–on her wedding night.

#29 Query Corner – RENDER

RENDER is a contemporary fantasy where secret telepaths can hack other people’s brains and manipulate their realities.

When medical resident, Dr. Kivrin Welch’s ex-boyfriend shows up, wanted for assassinating the senator he was paid to protect. That’s when she learns about renderers — telepathic mind hackers. Her ex admits he’s one, but someone’s learned how to turn rending into physical actions. How can they clear his name when his body did the killing?