Author Spotlight: J.E. Taylor

Today’s Author Spotlight guest is J.E. Taylor!

A USA Today Bestselling Supernatural Suspense Author & Editor-in-chief of Novel Concept Publishing, Supernatural fanatic, mother, wife, and cube grunt. Downtime… now that’s an alien concept.

She’s sharing writing tips and more!

Week In Review: September 2nd, 2022

As always, Morgan was a busy bee ALL WEEK LONG!

I’m sharing writerly musings on this whole writer path thing, tips on building a community, writing tips from this week’s author spotlight guests Brendan & Lori O’Gara, and more!

Plus, check out my upcoming events!

Brendan and Lori O’Gara

Today’s Author Spotlight Guests are Brendan and Lori O’Gara!

a partnership with a passion for the extraordinary. They live life as if a new adventure is just around the corner and believe that magic is real.

They’s sharing writing tips and more!