Con Prep: All the Things!

This year’s Balticon — a four-day celebration of all things science fiction and fantasy — is almost upon us. And, surprising no one who’s ever met me, I might be a little overcommitted. But only because I like to hedge my words. I am completely overcommitted.

I’m prepping: personally, as a writer, as a panelist, and as a staff member. It’s maybe a little too much?

How are you at accepting your limits?

Creating a Political and Moral Universe (A RavenCon 2023 Panel)

The ingredients of universe-building are morality, science, politics, art, and religion. The interplay of these creates a moral and political universe. Each ingredient packs its own punch, and getting the ratios right means you won’t have an overcooked souffle of a universe.

When you mix morals, ethics, and emotional fears, you get an array of Batman characters. Which match to what world viewpoints?