Counting My Blessings

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday in the States, I’m taking a break before my final WorldCon CoNZealand write-up to give thanks for all my blessings.

20 Things I Am Grateful For In 2020

While 2020 had been a pretty rough year for most of us, I know that many of you have had it far rougher than I have. My heart goes out to all of you whose lives have been touched by the pandemic — with illness, lost jobs, isolation, election anxiety, or more. Meanwhile, my life changed far less than I imagined it would.

My days have been filled with my dayjob and my nights with my writing. Plus? A LOT of online conventions needing staff.

I’ve been going to the grocery store every month and a half, with the occasional farmers market trip, and not much else outside of my household. I’ve attended three very small, outside gatherings spread across five months. Then, two weeks ago, I topped off my groceries and gas tank, in preparation for the holiday and stayed completely alone until this afternoon.

And so it was that I found myself near in tears of relief as I drove down to visit my mother for Thanksgiving, counting my blessings.

So, in no particular order, here are some of my blessings:

  1. I have a mother who’s been staying isolated and healthy
  2. My mother is within driving distance
  3. I have a job
  4. I can work from home
  5. I have a home that I can comfortably work from
  6. I live in a quiet, safe neighborhood
  7. My health
  8. I have a family and friends who love and support me
  9. I get the Thanksgiving and Year End holidays off from work
  10. I’ve managed to keep my obligations light so that I can keep up with NaNoWriMo
  11. I finally got to meet my newest puppy brother, who was born at the start of the pandemic! [french bulldog]
  12. I have a writer father who understands my dayjob and writing complaints and triumphs
  13. My blog and vlog are having their best year yet
  14. Very few of my friends and family have been impacted directly by the pandemic or job losses *knocks on wood*
  15. My supportive twin sister is my perfect alpha reader
  16. High speed internet — making my job and virtual cons possible
  17. The wonderful and supportive writing communities I’ve found – Write by The Rails and Spilled Ink, locally. My local NaNo writers. The AuthorTube tribe — especially Sarah, who lets me join her stream, and Sako, usually joins my weekly write-in stream, the PitchWars community, the Insecure Writer’s Group, the Sub-it-club and… Um. I’ll stop there or I could be here all night.
  18. My wonderful critique partners and beta readers who have donated their time to help me improve. Especially Ashley Cass – The Book Babe!
  19. Getting to eat food my mom cooked, tomorrow!
  20. Did I mention getting to see my puppy brothers? Charlie, the maybe 9-month-old french bulldog, and Buttons, the 11-year-old papillion.

Morgan’s 200th BlogPost-aganza!

One Month Shy Of 3 Years…

Today, I’m celebrating my 200th blog post!

When I first started this blog, I imagined a handful of posts, just enough so that my author website wasn’t an empty wasteland.

200 posts later, I’m still going, stronger than ever.

In honor of my 200th blog post, I’d like to invite you to introduce yourself! If you have one, share YOUR blog with me! Tell me what you’ve been up to and what you blog.



Here in the states, today is Thanksgiving.

Despite its problematic and revisionist history, in our current day and age, it’s one of our least commercialized holidays. (Excluding Black Friday)

It is the day where most of us gather with friends and family, to feast, and celebrate togetherness. No gifts, no gimmicks, no themed stuffed animals, unless you count the turkey (and most people I know fix the stuffing separately, but really, no one wants to call it ‘dressing’, because that’s what goes on salads, not a bread filled casserole-thing).

Just food and togetherness. And a moment to stop and think and appreciate all the things we have.

For those who can’t be with their loved ones for the holidays, and those who have complicated family and friend relationships, my heart goes out to you and yours.

For those who would rather just stay home and away from everything, who am I to stop you from celebrating -or not- in your own way.

But for me, in honor of the holiday, I’d like to share a few of the things I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful for my family – they’re supportive, encouraging, and understanding of my hobby/unpaid night-job. (Plus, they’re all readers)

I’m thankful for my real-life friends – they’re excited to see me pursue my dreams, hopeful for me. Plus, I know that they’ve got my back and will show up if I just ask.

I’m thankful for my online writer-friends – they’re right there in the trenches with me. Together, we’re making progress and pushing forward. Helping each other when we can, cheering each other’s wins, sympathising with each other’s rejections, in a way only someone who’s been there can do.

I’m thankful for my local Nova Nanites community – the one that has tons of write-ins, so no matter where I am, there’s usually one nearby. Even during the ‘off-season’. With friendly people, all united by a goal: get those words in!

I’m thankful for YOU, my blog followers – the ones who read, the ones who like my posts, the ones who comment. You’re out there, sharing this adventure with me.

I’m thankful for my day-job – that allows me to eat and pay the bills and still leaves me with the time and energy to do this unpaid job that I love.

Speaking of, I’m thankful for my NEW day-job – I’ll be starting right after the holiday weekend, with its welcoming people, and its proximity that is much closer to many of my local friends and family.

I’m thankful for the utilities that go into my life – electricity to power my things, for my internet, and my laptop, and my phone.

So that even when I’m alone and writing, there’s a network of people out there, listening whenever I reach out and share.


Thank you.