Corner Offices Are Pretty Sweet

I started my new job on Tuesday. The people are friendly, it was a low-key: just paperwork and getting my computer setup. Plus some basic stuff to learn the system.

Then, at 5:30pm, I hit a wall of exhaustion. Got food, crawled home, passed out.

New things can be exhausting, even when you’re well rested and not stressed.

Currently, I have a corner office, with 2 giant monitors, a very powerful computer, and a wall mounted tv monitor hooked in. This used to be the manager’s office.

As soon as Comcast finishes their work, we developers are moving to the Fortress of Solitude, where HR will no longer struggle to hide us from the clients. Same set-up, although I’ll be leaving the TV behind. Oh, and my openable windows? Instead of opening towards the parking lot and highway? Will open over the courtyard.

We’ll see how I adapt from a corporate bureaucracy to a start-up.

What do you think?

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