Rambling Roads…

This is where the Abegwesyn-Tregaron single track mountain road descends towards its crossing of the Afon Tywi, before climbing steeply to the left between the distant areas of the Tywi Forest into Ceredigion. The route is scenically attractive, and popular in the summer. Be wary in winter,especially if ice is at all likely, or heavy rain has made flooding a probability where rivers are crossed.
© Copyright Roger Kidd and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons License.

Back to the editing!

Back to the cutting!

Back to the start of part 2!

Wait. What? Weren’t you like 50 pages in?

Well, yes. But I was just fixing clarity. I wasn’t cutting and cleaning and leaving behind just the words the story needed.

“…pretend I was doing…” looks a lot better as “…feign…”

There was excessive description that didn’t matter and won’t.

There were the main character’s worries repeated 5 different ways.

Just because I’m good at rambling doesn’t mean my novel needs to.

What do you think?

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