[Poll] With Friends Like These…

My weekend was lost to my friends, as usual. This time, it was a wedding of some dear friends of mine. The wedding was lovely and I had a great time.

My friends might fill a lot of my free time, but:

  • They encourage me.
  • They ask me how it’s going.
  • They beta-read for me.
  • They answer random grammar queries.
  • They let me bounce plot ideas off them, out of the blue.
  • They get excited and offer lots of suggestions when I mention my thoughts on world building.
  • They calm me down when I’m stressing over writing the perfect log-line, or cover letter, or query, or synopsis…
  • They give me copies of The Great Courses: Writing Great Fiction: Storytelling Tips and Techniques

Now, the question is, what to do now?

  • Do I finish another round of edits?
  • Do I start querying my picture book?
  • Or should I start on the course?

At 24 lectures of 30 minutes each, that’s 12 hours, not even counting the exercises/homework. I’ve already whined about my free time. I think I could manage 2 classes a week.

Friday, I got a very polite form letter regarding the short story for kids that I submitted. Not unexpected, but still disappointing.

What do you think? Should I start it now? Or finish up some stuff first?

Do you want me to review it as I go along and share my exercises with you?

Do you want to grade me?

What do you think?

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