Dreams and Crappy Writing

Hey! I don’t remember if I mentioned on here, but a couple months ago I had a dream that I thought would make an awesome creepy story. I got the details onto my twitter, so I scrolled back to about when I started it, c/p-ed it into a document and turned it into manuscript form.

Short story: it sucks.

I’m not sure I remember how to write, how to evoke a mood, world building? I know, I was just translating some notes into story. Maybe if I wait a few weeks and revise I can turn it into something, but for now? I don’t really want to look at it.

I’m bummed. I really liked the concept and the plot and the twist, so I was ready to love this. But, it’s kinda horror and I haven’t done enough of that. I need to get more comfortable at weaving the supernatural and depressing in with the day-to-day stuff.

So, learning experience. Plus, maybe someday I can turn it into something.

I entered a contest to have my first couple chapters reviewed by an agent. It involved entering my 1st two sentences. Well, I made it into the first round– not sure if it was a selection, or just put my entry in in time. But, I was cut from the second round. Oh well.

Tonight I plan to get back to the quick read-through+edits following my 4th revision. I changed some plot details and need to reread to make sure I didn’t refer to things that never happened.

Finding An Agent: Professional Dating for Writers: Finding A Work Spouse 

Last night, I spent a couple hours thumbing through a copy of Guide to Literary Agents and noting who accepted YA, fantasy, and picture books. Today, I spent time checking their websites and the agent descriptions, and seeing who would be a good fit.

I’m still undecided if my novel counts as Young Adult, New Adult, or just (adult) Fantasy. There’s some violence and sexual situations.

Goals for 2016

My Writing Goals This Year:

  • Finish 3rd re-write by March
  • Send to Beta Reader(s) as soon as re-write is finished.
  • With feedback, finish next rewrite before July.                     Still Doable!
  • After final rewrite, send to at least 3 publishers/agents    Still Doable!
  • Win NaNoWriMo (Write 50,000 words in November)        Still Doable! (I started research                                                                                                                 on my planned story…)
  • Make a blog post at least twice a month                                 At 15 posts so far this year, I’m                                                                                                                 well on my way.


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