Remodeling and Packing!

I’ve been a busy worker bee since last I posted! (Worker ant? I didn’t really fly or sting anything.)

I moved a pivotal scene closer to where my Main Character actually responds to it–making her more proactive than reactive. It involved cutting 3 scenes and filtering some portions of them back in later, with edits to prevent referencing events that hadn’t happened yet. Basically, it was a limb replacement surgery!

No one else has read it yet, but I assure you, it went flawlessly!

Well, mostly. I lost my USB key, so I bought a new one and I think it’s time to do another RED INK edit.

I’m on draft 4, well really, 5.

To help you understand how long each stage has taken me, I made this handy-dandy Timeline!(1)




The rough draft was my 3rd attempt at writing this for National Novel Writing Month and I ‘won'(2). Then, I had to finish the book. 10 months later…

I did my 1st RED INK print out and 1st editing pass. Then, I sent that draft to my beta-readers.

Using their feedback, I did another editing pass, before sharing it with a new beta reader last Balticon.

Following their feedback, I worked (slowly) on my 3rd draft.

Finally, I started editing/revising my 3rd draft with a ‘quick read through’ and realized there were some plot things I wanted to change…


Which brings us to today. This is still gonna count as draft 4, I’m just making sure all the revisions didn’t leave me with plot holes.

Another MAJOR development this week? PACKING FOR BALTICON50!


I’m coming back! the schedule FINALLY went up today– with less than 2 days until showtime. Last year, I decided on Wednesday to attend. This year, I couldn’t begin planning until Wednesday. Apparently, that’s when I’m supposed to get my Balticon act together!(3)

My first pass through the schedule had me looking into 87 interesting panels, with many overlapping. After a few rounds, I’ve lowered my count to 5 MUST ATTENDS out of 20 panels that look good (plus the open dances/parties…) Last year, I made it to 19 panels, so 23 hours of paneling. Let’s see what this year brings!

(Jo Walton is back- I loved her character building workshop. And Denise Clemons is running her fun Building a Meal for an Imagined World panel again!)

Hope to see you all!


1 – In Paint, because that’s what I have.
2- Wrote 50,000 words in my story, in the 30 days of November for NaNoWriMo.
3- Does this make me the official scape-goat??


What do you think?

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