Travel Pictures: 4th of July

Yellow and brown moth on a door frame.

I flew down to Raleigh with some good friends.

Of course, I managed a little time for working on my CampNaNo word count!

My new friends were outside of town and had a few chickens.

My old and new friends helped me learn how to hold a guitar, how to strum, and where to put my fingers for 3 open chords and 5 complete chords… I’m pretty slow and my fingers are very tender.

We headed into Raleigh for the farmer’s market and the festival downtown. (Plus, Sono for sushi for dinner on the 4th!)

But, there’s no place like home. (Also, nothing like learning the ‘pro-mode’, with the ISO turned all the way up on my camera phone for nighttime photos. That’s my first attempt.)

What do you think?

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