Progress and Write-a-thon


NaNoWriMo Progress!

In 9 short days, I have managed 22,569 words. I’ll hopefully get another 2,500 before I go to bed tonight.


If all goes according to play, I should hit the halfway point within tonight.

Wish me well!

I was helping comfort some friends, so didn’t finish my words before 12:50am. It was still before bedtime and the words were delayed for a good reason, so I back-dated them. Everything you write before bed counts towards the day you started that writing session, right?

Unlike offline or Facebook, this blog is pretty much a politics-free zone. My love goes out to all of you. ❤ If you don’t know what to do now that the election is over, helping refugees sounds like a good thing to me!

Syria Relief!

It’s almost time for #Scrivathon16. You still have time to donate and sponsor me, to raise money for Syrian refugees. Please reach out and show your support. Or comment and let me know that you’re rooting for me/them. Your verbal support is as inspiring as your monetary support. ❤

If you don’t want to fill out all the info, feel free to message me and donate via Venmo or Paypal. I want to make it easy for you to help.

All new sponsors on Thursday November 9th: I will match your contributions!*

*up to $100

What do you think?

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