I Finished My Rough Draft!

Guys, I did a thing



Remember those 75,000 words I wrote in November?

Remember that 10,000 word goal for this month, trying to wrap up my second novel?

Last night, I wrote 3,584 words last night in under 3 hours and finished!

  • True, the denouement is about 200 words.
  • True, there are approximately 1,000,000,000,000 placeholder names and terms that were TBD*.
  • True, I already know places where the plot veers and needs a lot of work.

However! The roughest of rough drafts is done, my friends! Also? That beats my max word count ever! 500 more than my previous best, 1,000 more than any day since NaNo of 2013, when I first started taking my writing seriously and making it a priority. I’m proud, excited, and a bit terrified of the edits to come.


I’m done just in time to get ready for my editor who’s currently reviewing book one!


*TBD – To be Determined


  1. Congratulations! A complete draft, no matter how messy, is a HUGE accomplishment. Celebrate, maybe give it a good rest, then start revising. Good luck!

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