Author Spotlight: Patrick Thomas

  • a prolific humorous science fiction author

Readers, let’s give a good, hearty welcome to this week’s guest!

Patrick works as a Physical Therapist with kids in schools. He lives with his wife, 2 kids, a cat, and several imaginary friends.

Patrick has also worked as a paperboy, library page, a tutor, running games in an amusement park, as a movie usher, a teacher’s aide, a salesman, done phone sales and surveys as well as stocking shelves in a supermarket. He has been a DJ on the radio, an altar boy, an editor, an artist, flown an open cockpit plane, sold the shirt off of someone’s back, and has been known to howl at the moon.

Patrick Thomas is the author of the Murphy’s Lore, Dear Cthulhu, and Mystic Investigators series. As Patrick T. Fibbs, he writes children’s books including the Undead Kid Diaries, Babe B. Bear Mysteries, Joy Reaper, and Ughabooz books.

Patrick, thanks for agreeing to be here today. Most interviews start off with the boring stuff, but I know what readers REALLY want to know.

If you could have any pet (real/fantasy/no-allergies/no worries about feeding it) what would it be?

Cerberus the three-headed dog, but the version from my Murphy’s Lore series. He’s a good boy, three times over.

I *am* a fan of good boys! So, I love this choice.

What do you write? And how did you get started?

I write Science Fiction.

In high school, I started writing some down, did some articles for the school paper. Did the same in college, had some poems and three stories published in a literary magazine. From there, I kept working at it until I finished my first novel, Exile & Entrance which was supposed to be a short story but it just kept going.

Things progressed and I’ve been fortunate enough to have my short work published in over 40 print magazines and more than 60 anthologies as well as having written over forty books.

Awesome! You knew what you wanted and kept at it, and you’ve achieved an awesome level of success.

What do you like to read?

It might be cliche but a little bit of everything fiction-wise, but my favorites tend to fall within the realms of fantasy, horror, SF, and mystery. The ones I enjoy the most are often variations on PI fiction, be they traditional like Chandler and Stout or genre-blending like the Garret Books or the Dresden Files. I love graphic novels as well.

Being broadly read is a cliche because it’s a good idea for all writers. I’m seeing a lot of those names on my own bookshelves.

Name one commonly accepted piece of writing advice that doesn’t work for you.

Write every day.

There are times I do and others I don’t. I tend to write in bursts.

I definitely have times of the year I write more than others, it often depends where I am in the writing process, what else I have going on, and how burnt out I am.

Name one commonly accepted piece of writing advice that they can pry out of your cold, dead hands.

Have fun with what you write.

I use a lot of humor in my work and can’t see myself writing if I didn’t enjoy it.

What great advice. So many times, writers get caught up in marketing and marketability and craft and forget why they got into it — hopefully a love of the story and a desire to read the story that doesn’t exist until they write it.

Shameless Self-Promotion time!

Frankenstein: Monsters of the Abyss

You only think you know the story of the monster and his creator.

The monster never asked for life or even his mockery of one. Victor Frankenstein never asked if he should pierce the veil of death. His cousin Elizabeth never asked for her heart to be torn asunder. Obsessed with conquering death, Victor’s compulsion crossed the border into madness. He robbed graves of what was buried within and Death of its sting. Horrified by his success, he abandoned his creation.

Hated and hounded for his appearance, the creature’s only crime was wanting a life he had not asked for. As the first of his kind, and in defiance and honor of his creator, he took the name, Adam Frankenstein.

Victor and Adam find themselves locked in an epic conflict that rages from Switzerland to Ireland and back, a struggle that ensnares Elizabeth, who is caught between the man she is engaged to and the one she loves. It is a clash that can only end in death. But thanks to Victor, death is no longer the end.

In this, the true tale of House Frankenstein, you may find that the true Monsters of the Abyss are not what you have been led to believe.

Cryptid Fight Club

There are creatures lurking in our world. Obscure creatures long relegated to myth and legend. They have been sighted by a lucky-or unlucky-few, some have even been photographed, but their existence remains unproven and unrecognized by the scientific community.

These creatures, long thought gone, have somehow survived; creatures from our nightmares haunting the dark places. They swim in our lakes and bays, they soar the night skies, they hunt in the woods. Some are from our past, and some from other worlds, and others that have always been with us — watching us, fearing us, hunting us.

These are the cryptids, and Systema Paradoxa tells their tales.


PI and retired MMA fighter Rufus Griffin pounds the streets of Vegas on the tail of an unfaithful spouse, but what he finds is a tale of another sort. One of intrigue and illicit fight clubs and cage bouts too incredulous to believe, even when he sees the fighters with his own eyes.

He keeps his head down and stays on task until he discovers those in the ring aren’t there by choice. A victim of abuse himself, there is no way he can leave them to their fate, even when his official business concludes.

Rufus Griffin dives back into the underbelly of the Strip and comes out fighting.

Joy Reaper Checks Out

Meet The Grim Reaper’s daughter…

Joy Reaper has always “lived” in the land of the dead. Like any kid, she gets bored so she asked her father to take her on vacation.

Sadly, Death gets no holidays. Then the Grim Reaper learns about Take Your Daughter To Work Day and it seems like a good idea at the time.

But the upbeat and happy Joy has her own ideas about how things should be done and the Grim Reaper’s job may never be the same.

Murphy’s Lore (9 book series)

Let’s admit it. The world is far from perfect. Nobody believes in magic anymore. Or gods. Or vampires. Hope itself is on the endangered list. Especially in New York City. Despite this, there is a place in Manhattan where the impossible not only exists but bellies up to the bar to drink its fill.

Owned by a leprechaun, staffed by gods and mortals it is a second home to the legends of our day, led there by the simple magic of the rainbow. The name of the place is Bulfinche’s Pub. One never knows what will come in the door next: Armageddon or a man with no socks.

Whatever happens, two things are certain. Hope and Happiness never die and the first drink is always on the house.

By Blood Immortal (Free on the Readict App)

Darker and steamer than my typical work, this novella was co-written as half of P.T. Raetz (with Diane Raetz)

If FBI agents taking on a vampire serial killer sounds up your alley, please check it out.

and coming soon:

Bikini Jones Vs. The Brainnapers From Outer Space

From Padwolf Publishing.

Bikini Jones is cursed by a witch who caught her husband being a peeping Tom. Instead of punishing him, she curses Mary Sue Jones to forever wear a bikini. As so often happens in cases like this, she makes a habit of saving people and sometimes the world. In this book, Bikini is called to help her archeologist sister deal with the serial disappearances of several women near the site of an uncovered Eygptian pyramid outside of Philadelphia, PA.

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