What Writers Dream Of

Writers, as a bunch, are dreamers.

We dream our stories

Sure, some of us might have nights full of terrors or homicides of people who ticked us off during the day, while others dream of cotton candy trees and the validation we’ve always wanted. But, we take the random “what if” thoughts and make-believe characters in our heads and weave stories and worlds from them — or for them.

Some of our writing is literally taken from our dreams and sometimes our daydreaming creates their framework. But, for fiction to happen, we all have to step outside of dictating reality and put our own spin on it.

On the flip side, there are things we writers dream of doing with our stories.

Some of us dream big:

  • Becoming a bestseller — on all the charts, not just some obscure Amazon sub-sub-sub-genre.
  • Having TV and movie studios go into bidding wars for the rights.
  • Seeing our favorite actors playing out the scenes we created, with set designers bringing our worlds to life.

Some of us dream medium:

  • Getting an agent and then published through a traditional publisher! Or – making an indie name for ourselves and a decent following!
  • Selling enough that, after we pay off a mortgage, we can quit our dayjobs and still afford health insurance
  • Being a paid speaker at all the cool cons (not just a volunteer speaker, often paying my own way)
  • Having lines of people — who we don’t know — show up at our book launches and signing tables

Some of us dream small achievable-with-effort:

  • Finishing the book and getting it out there – any way that does justice to the story
  • Having someone we don’t know tell us they liked it
  • Being able to afford a dinner out once a month (or a year) with the ‘profits’ (and maybe break even on the cover artist/editor)

And some of us just dream of finishing the durn thing.

Are you a writer? What are your dreams?


  1. About a year ago I had a dream in which I worked out how to write my novel – a whole outline emerged, I figured it all out, ay carumba!!!! However, when I woke up in the morning, I couldn’t remember one iota of it!!! Nada!!! True sad story. 😪

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